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A new kitchen is likely to top the list of the most expensive and important purchases you will make for your home. At Kendell+Co we aim to make the design process as exciting and comprehensive as possible to ensure absolute satisfaction and enjoyment every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our transparency and guarantee the very best service possible.

Initial consultation

Discussing the project involves a two to three hour chat either at your home or our office and preferably over a good cup of coffee. The intention is to ascertain as much information as we can to understand exactly what makes you tick, what style of cook you are, what energy you wish to create within the space, what specific storage requirements you have and the overall design aesthetic. The more we get to know you, the better we can provide a design that surpasses your expectations. 

We work either from architect's plans for spaces that are yet to be completed, or we can take a comprehensive site survey.

We charge £1500.00 incl vat for the first (and to include all subsequent) designs, elevations and CGIs, refundable against a kitchen purchase.

The First Design Meeting

Within two weeks we will meet for a further two hours to present our initial thoughts for the layout, suggested appliances, surfaces and overall styling. It's at this point we get to test our skills of interpretation and hope to excite you with the design and the materials palette. A quotation will be provided for the project detailing each element. We anticipate that by the end of the meeting you will have got to know us better and have complete confidence in us to deliver your project.

The Second Design Meeting

Prior to our next meeting we will work up the design to take account of your initial comments, likes and dislikes. We will continue to do so until you are 100% thrilled with the layout, down to the last cling film dispenser. If this takes a dozen revisions to ensure absolute perfection, no problem!

At this time we will often arrange a private meeting with an appliance specialist at your chosen manufacturer's showroom if you would like an in-depth look at the latest technological developments and how to choose appliances that are perfectly suited to you. We will also accompany you to view a whole slab of your chosen worksurface material if you wish.


Finally, and we believe crucially to creating a truly well-designed and cohesive space, we will provide a lighting layout and suggest finishes for the flooring, furnishings and decoration where required.


Your kitchen will come to life with the latest CGI imaging to ensure you understand not only the layout, flow and aesthetics, but also how the kitchen will FEEL.


CGI can be very useful to help decide between colour and materials options for the room scheme.


Placing the Order

When you are ready, and 100% happy with your choices, we require a 40% deposit to confirm the order which can be paid by bank transfer or by card. Due to the current supply issues with appliances, we are asking for 80% payment for appliances to ensure we can purchase them well in advance of the installation.


We will produce a completed set of drawings and specifications for you and agree a date to start the project in conjunction with your contractors/works schedule where appropriate. Please note, builders rarely run on time so if you need to push your installation back a bit, no problem, we will always do our utmost to accommodate. We will enter into a mutual contract of commitment and will ask you to sign our terms and conditions, please view these here 

We will liaise with your building contractors if you are using them and will issue full plans, elevations and M&E drawings that they can work from. Our project manager will be in regular contact and work with your team to ensure the room is ready for us without any hiccups.

Delivery and Installation

The part balance payment of 55% of the total and remaining 20% of the appliances is due in cleared funds 10 working days before we deliver your kitchen. Our project manager will visit to go over any final logistics and preparations our end completed. Generally the kitchen installation will take an initial 5-10 days depending on size, the surfaces are then templated and whilst these are fabricated we will either continue with the install if there are areas we can complete, or we will be away from site until the surfaces are fitted. The final installation can take between 4-14 days again depending on size and complexity.

On completion, Julia personally visits every kitchen to discuss any snagging or areas of concern. Once the kitchen has been signed off by both yourselves and Julia and given a sparkling professional clean by our team, the remaining 5% balance becomes due and we will leave you to enjoy your beautiful new kitchen. 

An Ongoing Relationship

Our relationship and our commitment to your enjoyment of your new space continues and we will always be at the end of the phone to assist with any queries or concerns.


We guarantee our furniture and fittings for 10 years from installation unless there is evidence of harsh treatment. I'm afraid this includes toddlers swinging from doors, dogs chewing panels and dancing in drawer boxes (this has happened!)

But we appreciate life is unpredictable and we want you to be able to relax and enjoy your kitchen, so we will always do our utmost to help you to keep it as perfect and properly-functioning as the day we handed it over.

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